Amin Kojoori

Born in 1982, Shiraz, Iran

Amin began to learn photography in his early teenage years while attending variety of courses and workshops in the field. He has worked as a professional photographer and instructor since then. He received his master’s degree in photography from London Metropolitan University in 2011.

Since the year 2000, He has been teaching photography and Image Editing courses at several universities and institutes including London Metropolitan University and Tehran University of Art. He has participated in many National and international public/solo events and exhibitions where he won several awards and titles.

After co-founding a photography community in Tehran Azad University in 2002, He co-founded Negah Photo Association in 2005 in Iran Photographer’s Center which later became the largest photography community in the country, before he moved to London, UK to pursue his education and practice in 2009.

Amin has lectured in more than 30 photography events and seminars covering rinsing issues and subjects in the digital era like Optical engineering, Color Management, Raw file Processing and Fine art Photography within contemporary art. He also has authored number of photography courses and articles.

His works have been published in a number of books, magazines and media platforms including National Geographic story: Off the Beaten Path, 2018.

He is now based in Tehran, Iran and works as a photographer, instructor and author.